CHS Climbing: back and better than ever

Many clubs and sports outshine a number of Centrals after school activities, such as the rock climbing team.

Mr. Turner lead climbs a 5.10a route

Central High schools rock climbing team has been going strong for two years now, meeting every Tuesday and Thursday. yet so many people don’t even know we have a climbing team.

The coach and teacher supervisor is Andrea Turner, who has been an avid rock climber since the creation of centrals team as well as Mrs. Menendez. Despite the lack of student participants Mrs.Turner remains positive for the exciting sport. And enjoys rock climbing outside of the team, with her husband, Mr. Turner.

Mrs. Turner belays Mr. Turner on lead.

Despite the lack of participants and recognition the team is still active in competitions and  continue to strive to become better as a team.

“[Rock climbing] is a way to come closer together” Olivia Carithers said when asked what’s so special about the sport and why people should join the team and try rock climbing. Her reasoning is due to the bonding experience the team offers.

The sport also involves a lot of trust, you have to trust yourself and your partner. When top roping you have a rope attached to yourself and the other end is attached to another person: the belayer. The belayer ensures you won’t fall if you slip off the wall. Meaning you have to place you trust in one person to keep you from falling.

When I initially walked into one of the meetings at onsite rock gym, I expected to take pictures and ask questions. However I ended up experiencing one of the most exhilarating activities in my life. 

Olivia Carithers as she belays a terrified Benjamin Profitt

I got to meet the team and attempt to climb with the help of Mrs.Turner,Mrs. Menendez and Olivia Carithers.

In this sport, someone you just met could become the person who has to keep you from falling from a thirty or even fifty foot wall. I encourage everyone to try rock climbing, or at the very least ask Mrs.Turner about the team. The sport goes unnoticed by many, despite the learning experience it offers.



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