The Mock Trial Team at Central High school


Debating is a skill to learn, a skill to practice, and as time continues the better to debate. For students who love to debate and learn more about the criminal justice system, the Mock Trial team is the move.


Mr. Dereck Pacifico sponsors the Mock Trial Team. Any student who wants to join the Mock Trial Team is welcomed. The availability days are Tuesday and Wednesday each week, but  the time may also vary.


When asked to describe the team, Mr. Pacifico  mentions that ̈mock trial functions as a team ̈ where they learn how to write and collaborate together as a team.” 

Those who may be wary of public speaking need not worry. Pacifico says students learn everything in process:preparation, practice, and learn about laws.  He also states that there will be a time they will have a state competition about a particular case from the lawyer. The competition will take place in Knoxville where the Mock Trial Team will be competing with other students.


A former  student, who is now in college told Mr. Pacifico about how Mock Trial Team has helped him in many ways, which gave him experience in the job market.


Mock Trial Team is important because it enhances the skill of speaking, ability to think critically, knowing the legal system, learning how trials are depicted in the movies and TV shows. You get to make objection, get to participate in the trials, and look good on college applications.


People who love arguing, involving in solving issues that affect society, it crucial to have  confident leaders. Joining in debating: Creating leaders, Leading to intelligence, and Helping the issues that affect the daily life of the people. 


In a world with injustices everywhere, debate creates confident leaders to address particular issues in today’s world. 

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