Most Dependable: Class of 2020

Senior Year: full of firsts, lasts, and accomplishments that Audrey Everett and Chase Walker are proud of. Voted most dependable, their peers see them as the “go to person” when they are in need.

Chase Walker, the man you can always count on. Known for giving others rides, dispensing good advice about school, and never turning anyone away, Chase is always there to help. His peers know him to be a dependable friend and he says the feeling is mutual because he also describes himself as dependable, “I don’t turn people away.”

Painted up and ready to support the Central Bobcats, Chase Walker is ready for the excitement of the game. Photo taken by Charlie Walker. 

When the time came to vote for superlatives, he did not expect to win. His reaction to winning was a humble one, “I didn’t expect it. I thought it was funny.” While interviewing Chase, his mannerisms and speech were thought-out and respectful, which are qualities that allowed Chase to be crowned Most Dependable.

Audrey Everett, a walking legend. Anyone she crosses by walks away with a smile on their face and a belly full of laughs. Audrey uplifts everyone around her and has such a positive attitude about life.

When diving more in depth into Audrey’s character, Garrett Smith openly expressed his view of Audrey with enthusiasm, “She’s just a good person.” He found it fitting she won because she is “definitely a person who is always there for other people.”

While tailgating, Audrey Everett (right) poses for a candid shot with friend Rachel French (left). Photo taken by Kelsey Varnell.

If ever in need, Audrey is one call away. She hopes others see her as dependable because she tries her hardest to be there: a phone call, car ride, hug, or even just a laugh. Her wish is for friends and family to depend on her in a “positive way.”

Chase and Audrey, your Class of 2020 Most Dependable. They possess the needed qualities of their title and have thoughtfully shown appreciation for the winning vote. Way to go Audrey and Chase, you deserve it!






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