Central Highschools New Assistant Principal: Kelly Forester

Many new teachers and administrators have joined Central High. From English teachers to a new head principal, bobcat nation continues to grow. One of the many noteworthy additions to our team is Mrs. Kelly Forester, the new assistant principal. 

Mrs.Forester happily takes a picture with a life sized figurine

She originally grew up in El Paso Texas where she went to school obtaining her bachelors in both English as well as Sociology at Texas A&M. Her motivation for becoming an English teacher was due to the fact she didn’t have many good English teachers in her childhood. 

One notably unhelpful English teacher was her old kindergarten teacher, “When I was in kindergarten, I had a very old teacher, and she happened to notice I was left-handed. She told me only witches write left-handed and then forced me to learn how to write with my right hand(…) Many years later Mrs.Weaver taught me to write with my left hand noticing I clearly wasn’t right-handed. (…) She made me aspire to be a better English teacher than the experience I had with mine.”

After graduating in 1990 from highschool she went on to obtain her bachelors in English. Following that, Mrs.Forester became a middle school teacher for Dulles Middle School in Houston Texas. She quickly realized teaching middle school wasn’t right for her and took a break from teaching. Later, she returned to the classroom, but this time in high school.

Mrs.Forester stands with her husband and two children

She later met her husband, whom she’s been married to almost 18 years. In 2003, she moved to Knoxville with her husband, who is a Knoxville native. Together, they are raising two children, Lisa in 8th grade and Jack, who is in 7th. 

Her first position in the Knox County school system was at Carter High as the athletic director as well as the assistant principal. She has also taught writing at Pellissippi.

Now here at Central, Mrs. Forester wishes to help cut back on the number of children who skip class by convincing them it’s not worth it. She advises students, “you don’t have to be a leader, but don’t be a follower.” She believes strongly in encouraging kids to make their own decisions and do what they think is right.  

In her opinion, students need people in school who care about every kid within the school. And she’s here to help give that support to all students. Mrs. Forester hopes to find and bring out the potential in every student.

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