The Student Becomes The Teacher

Among the many new faces at Central this year, Madison Hicks is making her mark in the English department. She’s fresh out of the University of Tennessee and full of excitement for her first year of teaching.

Spending most of her mornings in the library preparing her lessons and working on assignments for her students, Ms. Hicks is a dedicated new staff member. She teaches three levels of English classes! She has also been able to keep some of the relationships she made previously as an intern here, which has been a warm welcome into the teaching realm.

Ms. Hicks

In fact, it’s her favorite part about teaching: “Building relationships with my students, that’s for sure my favorite part.” Ms. Hicks enjoys “seeing them progress throughout the year” and helping them grow as well as growing herself. From her perspective, teaching is unique “in the way that sometimes plans don’t go the way that we want them to… but then we get to hone our skills and make them better.”

You may recognize Ms. Hicks’ name from last year, as she spent a year with Mrs. Turner teaching English III and helping with other classes. At UTK, she earned her Masters in Secondary Education, but her favorite undergraduate classes were in poetry and writing.

“Internship year was fun,” Ms. Hicks said, “It’s not as intense as your first year of teaching.” She was able to form close relationships with students and get an inside look at what it really means to teach.

Photo of Knoxville University of Tennessee Campus taken by Josh Queener

College wasn’t the only place she had found inspiration for teaching and forming those relationships. Ms. Hicks comes from a long line of educators- including both of her parents and her grandparents- who all taught different subjects to various grade levels. “I always thought it would be something that I would do,” she said as she touched base on her experiences growing up with family in the teaching world.

Though her family taught and specialized a broad spectrum of subjects- including math, science, and guidance counseling- Ms. Hicks is the first generation to take up English as her major for teaching. She’s excited to finally step into her first year in the field.

Even if she’s graduated from her student shoes, she’s still looking forward to all the things she’ll learn as an educator.

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