Our Central English Interns

Teachers in disguise- Central interns have many responsibilities similar to a teacher, but their job takes on many different forms. Generally they have a stressful job, but their love for teaching is what drives them.

Central High is hosting three English interns from the University of Tennessee’s teacher education program.

Mr. Davies standing in front of the empty Lambeau Field Stadium

Mr. Davies

Mr. Davies teaches English and ELL (English Language Learners) classes. He comes from the Franklin, Tennessee area and is currently working to get his Master’s degree at University of Tennessee. Mr. Davies is a hard-working man at heart and ran his own Wedding Videography business for four years before his current interning job at Central.

Mr. Davies has always wanted to be a teacher. He loves the students and wants to teach at diverse a diverse school as he loves teaching kids that do not use English as their first language. One thing that stands out for him is the fulfillment of teaching students. He says, “The best thing about my job is helping students and seeing that what I suggested worked for them. That’s the best feeling.”

Ms. Spangler

Ms. Spangler teaches English. Along with the rest of our interns, she is also going to UT to get her teaching degree. Her favorite thing to do is read. She has always loved literature and its ins and outs.

Ms. Spangler visiting Tokyo, Japan

Ms. Spangler went back and forth about her career path through her lifetime, but her underlying desire has always been to teach; she was supported by many family members and influenced by her ancestral background in teaching. Literature is extremely interesting to her and she loves how it is analyzed and broken down. Ms. Spangler made a great point in her interview: “The reason the perks make up for the issues is because we wouldn’t get the same experience if we didn’t do interning for the first year.”


Ms. Reeves

Ms. Reeves is the odd one out of the three, in that her decision to teach was more spontaneous. She didn’t always want to teach; she considered many different career paths. When she got to college, she decided to change her major to English and start teaching. She’s also getting married soon – congratulations Ms. Reeves!

Ms. Reeves may have a newly acquired love for teaching, but she’s always loved English and reading. She also find science really fun and interesting, but at her core, reading is her passion. Although she finds grading papers a little boring, her favorite part of her job is getting to read every day- and she loves getting students interested in books.

All three of them agreed on a couple of things, being that they have many responsibilities that may get a little overwhelming at times. But at their core, teaching English is what they love to do. They love their job despite the hefty workload of being both a student and a teacher, and so far, their hard work is showing – they’re on the road to greatness.

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