Game 4 Recap

Anticipation mounts leading up to tonight’s game. Bobcat Nation still fresh off a blow out win at home against Sevier County last week has everyone thinking about how Central will preform this week on the road against the Hardin Valley Hawks.

The football team runs through their sign ahead of the game.

The Hawks kicked off to the Bobcats who had a tough offense start but made up for it right away with senior Isaiah Osborne, 18, intercepting a Hardin Valley pass during their first offensive drive. And running into the end zone for a touchdown.

During their next possession the bobcats fight a tough defense for a couple missed chances to score, but with a penalty on a touchdown play they settle for a field goal by junior kicker Jarred Swislowski, 19. Score at the end of first quarter score is 10-0 Central. 

In the middle of the second quarter, Central’s offense is knocking on Hardin Valley’s door. A beautiful fourth down touchdown pass is connected  by quarterback Dakota Fawver, 2, to wide receiver Braden Gaston, 7, resulting in a touchdown. Unfortunately a flag is thrown and a penalty is called causing the touchdown to be omitted. Score remains 10-0 and Hardin Valley taking back possession.

At the end of a strong offensive drive by the Hawks they go for a field goal attempt but miss due to an aggressive bobcat defense. On Their next drive Hardin Valley scores and makes the extra point making the score 10-7 Central.

Central’s defense gets ready to stop a play by Hardin Valley.

After another hard fought drive by Central’s offense at the end of the first half, with only 25 seconds left, the Bobcats opt to try for a field goal instead of pushing for a touchdown on fourth down. The 3 points are made by Swislowski putting Central up 13-7 at halftime.

On the next offensive drive the Bobcats repeat the results from the last two scoring drives settling for a field goal by Swislowski, bumping the Bobcats’ lead up to 16-7. Bobcat Nation is anxiously waiting for another touchdown. 

On a third down play for the Hawks, Centrals defense bursts off the snap for what everyone thinks is a safety, after tackling the quarterback deep in the end zone still

Isaiah Osborne makes a first down for the Bobcats.

holding the ball. Unfortunately a referee announces that the ball was down at the 1 yard line and Central receives no points. At the end of the third-quarter the score remains the same. 

A few minutes into the fourth quarter, the Bobcats force a fumble and come up with the ball ready to start another drive down the field, but after a scoreless fourth quarter the Bobcats take another win over the Hawks 16-7 and remain undefeated. The Bobcats are now on an eighteen game win streak, tacking on this year’s four to last year’s fourteen in a row. 

The Bobcats will take the field at home next week to face Seymour.

All pictures taken by Ella Wilds.

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