The Quiet Mystery

Mrs. Manire in our Central library

Being clean and organized is very important to Mrs. Manire, she is our new librarian secondary with a very cool backstory and not only that, she has made our library an even better, brighter place.

Mrs. Manire grew up on a small farm in Lexington, Kentucky, she loved helping her mom and playing with her typewriter. Before she came to Central she was a substitute years before coming to Central, she stayed home raising her children for 16 years, but before coming here to Central she was a public librarian. She started working at Central when her youngest child started middle school and she wanted to become a librarian again. Her favorite book is The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Some of her hobbies are reading, sewing, decorating, and crafting. She loves to travel and she’s traveled to Greece, Germany, mexico, and Puerto Rico with her husband.

Mrs. Manire’s main focus for our library is organizing, decorating, and setting up displays. She’d also like to take care of book orders and collection management. She feels very welcomed to Central and already feels apart of the Bobcat family. She hopes students view her as kind, she stated “Kindness is crucial to success and happiness and I want students to feel that”, she wants to be helpful and approachable and welcoming. She loves a good joke and likes others laugh and feeling her joy. She is also the reason all those nice plants are in the library too! Our central library is very big and it can sometimes be dark, so she wanted to lighten it up with plants. Mrs. Manire likes growing plants so she bought in some of her extra house plants from home. All the plants came from a Peace Lily that she received from her father-in-law’s funeral 7 years ago.

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