New Year, New Coach

With a new coach, the third in four seasons, Central’s volleyball program continues to evolve. Coach Daniel Carroll brings new vigor and experience to the team. Central welcomes him with open arms as he tackles a rowdy volleyball team.

Coach Carroll has coached numerous sports between various state lines. Living and working in Woodbridge and Dumfries Virginia, has allowed him to develop his coaching style and have the first sips of coaching life. While moving to Knoxville, he felt compelled to coach and thus, found the Central Volleyball team.

Always within reach, Coach Carroll (back right) stands behind in support of one of his former players.

Coaching is meaningful to him because of his love of the game, the athletics, and his athletes. He enjoys watching the program and athletes grow. Carroll made it very clear that he cares for his athletes and wants to be there for them on and off the court, “I love seeing athletes grow and figure out life as well as being that other person outside of their parents and teachers that they can come too.”

Coach Carroll is human and has struggled both as a coach, and as a person. He lost his right arm in a tragic car accident and since then, has worked to be the best version of himself possible. He wanted to prove to himself, and former coaches, that he could, and would, beat all odds and achieve all his aspirations. He strives to be the coach he never had and encourages and assists his athletes to meet their goals.

Proud coach, Carroll is all smiles as his athletes receive recognition for a job well done.

Having three different coaches in four years is rough, and Senior Cameron Flatford knows the feeling all too well, “And I’ve had three coaches while i’ve been at central and it’s really hard to adapt to a new coaching style.” Carroll understands the frustration and confusion of having so many coaches, but he says the hardest struggle of being a coach is giving players the time and attention they need, “You can never have enough time to give to everyone the way they need or want. That goes with the individual and program development.” While he understands the team’s worries, he has been verbal about his want to make the season be as smooth and easy as possible.

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