Good Morning, Mr. Brown


Waking up for work, making some coffee, putting on a white dress shirt, a grey tie, and some black slacks. Mr. Brown is ready for his first day as the new head principal of Central High School.

Mr. Brown, although born in Memphis, grew up and started his education career right here in Knoxville. Actually his first teaching position was at Central as a biology teacher. He says that having his first teaching job here 20 years ago, then coming back to be the new head principal of this school is a very proud thing to have accomplished.

Although he has a lengthy career in education, it wasn’t his first choice, as a matter of fact Mr. Brown was a pre-med major and wanted to become a medical doctor/orthopedic surgeon in sports medicine. But due to extreme burnout after years of high school and college, he couldn’t see himself going on for 4 more years and asked his anatomy and physiology professor for advice on what to do. He told Brown that he could take on a profession where he can inspire hundreds of people to become doctors and that’s exactly what Mr. Brown did.

central+high+schoolOut of all of the many things that Mr. Brown appreciates here at Central, the one thing he appreciates the most is, “the ability of everyone to, not just co-exist, but to cooperate and work together.” He said that he has seen numerous interactions between all different types of kids, from every background and place. He also cares about these students and shows this through saying “hi” or “good morning”, at the beginning of each school day to anyone who walks through the gate, because he knows that some people just need the opportunity to talk.

Some things that Mr. Brown hopes to accomplish as head principal is bringing back all of those defunct clubs like, the chess club and the robotics club. He isn’t just reviving those clubs because he has a interest in chess, but because he wants all students in this building to have their niche, to give them a outline to plug into, and make memories here, be that through a club or a sport. He doesn’t just want them to be attenders of Central High School, but to get involved and be engaged, to be a Bobcat.

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