The Adventures of Gracie Buckner


My friend, my classmate, Gracie Buckner was born here in Knoxville, Tennessee and she is 15 years old. No matter your mood, she always knows how to make you smile.

She loves to eat at Panera Bread and Taco Bell. Her favorite ice cream is Vanilla Bean from Froyoz. And she is always in the mood for sushi.

She has 2 cats, Toots and Norma, Toots is almost 1 year old and Norma is almost 5 months old. Toots is a seal point Siamese and Norma is a Maine Coon kitten. She loves them more than people , she loves to play with them and dress them up. She loves to paint and watch Bambi even though it makes her sad.

She doesn’t like to speak in public, so she pinches herself when she gets nervous. And she loves to snuggle with her teddy bear Fuzzy. And the one thing she can not stand is for her things to be unorganized.


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