The Next Rodney Mullen

When not at school, he becomes the master of the board. His name is Daniel, and his favorite pastime is cruising down the streets of Knoxville and headbanging to his favorite songs.

This is the board on his current skate board. The brand is Alien Workshop.

For the past year, Daniel has been learning to do tricks on his skateboard. While others may be inside playing video games or watching a show, Daniel continues his quest to be a skateboarder. Since he’s only been skating for a year, the one trick he can land is an ollie. (This is his board on his current skateboard, the brand is Alien Workshop.)

Since he was a young boy, Daniel was influenced by his dad to start skateboarding. His dad skated a lot of his life and he was inspired by him. He also loves the clothing and TV shows of the skateboarding culture.

Currently he is trying to learn how to kickflip, which is where you ollie and then flip the board by kicking out with your toes. One trick he would really like to learn is the Impossible, or Ollie Impossible. It’s a difficult trick, but he is determined to master it.

His favorite skateboard brand is creature, and while he doesn’t have a creature board now; he hopes to get one in the future. Creature is his favorite brand because the designs are old-school horror movie type designs. He loves horror movies and skateboarding, so mixing the two together is like a match made in heaven for him.

The record label for $uicide Boy$, G*59 Records.

Music motivates Daniel to get on his board. His favorite artist is “$uicide Boy$”, and he listens to them when he skates. “It just gets me pumped up, you know? I like it. There’s nothing else to it.” (The record label for his favorite music artist, $uicide boy$. Record Label is G*59 RECORD$.)

Additionally, he enjoys other hobbies like collecting horror movies and cooking, but his favorite thing to do is skateboarding. Friday the 13th, Scream, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are his favorite horror movies. He claims, “They’re so iconic, you see them everywhere. Those were some of the first horror movies I watched.”

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