Moving In Other States

This is Mikia Sims! How fascinating to share my  story!

Moving to different locations is both challenging and difficult to start a new life, to make a friendship, and to learn more about the new environment. Mikia Sims is from Chicago, but has lived in Knoxville now for almost a year.

Recently moving to a different state made her gain some experience that she didn’t know she needed. Mikia moved from her original city Chicago, to Mississippi, and Wisconsin where she learned different things. She mentions that her original city Chicago was more chaotic with a lot of crime.

Feeling beautiful, and Loved!

At fourteen years old, Mikia describes her travel experience that it was not hard to interact with others because as a child everything seems kind of normal, but as she got older she finds it hard because of being shy to be around people she is not familiar with, new environment seem intimidating to adapt too.

Mikia tells that “ changing school was difficult” where she also has to make new friends. As some know making new friends may be daunting. From an expert, Jony Spayde mentions that there are some barriers to overcome while moving at different locations, the “Fear of the unknown.” It is natural to worry about the unforeseeable or any major unpredictable changes that may intervene.

Finally, Mikia Sims states that the advice she can give someone based her travel experience is “ Be yourself.”

Her name is Mikia Sims. The interview was at central high school, Knoxville,TN, at 11: 15.

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