Leaders learning new languages

Everyone has a ¨wow factor¨ or something that makes them unique. Some people come from faraway countries and speak different languages.This is a small but unique piece of Louise’s story – someone who knows the difficulty of adjusting to a new place and learning a new language.


 Louise grew up in the country Tanzania in East Africa. She moved to Knoxville when she was about 17 years old. She speaks many different languages like Swahili, English, a little bit of French and Kirundi. She is also a senior at Central high school and is going to graduate this year.


In the interview she stated that something she stresses about is being able to pay for college. Considering how smart she is, she might just get a scholarship!


In Louise’s free time she watches movies and jumps rope. she is currently involved with social events with her church that she attends every Sunday. Louise’s ambition after she graduates college i is to go around the world and give back to communities. She believes that every child should get a proper education. She has consistent determination and an uplifting spirit. She is very approachable and easy to talk to. These traits will make her a great leader.



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