It’s For Me

This is Zach playing bass at a Nashville convention.

Remember all good guitarist started out in their room. Zach, when not sitting at school, is shredding his guitar and listening to music. 


When he’s not at school Zach’s more than likely playing guitar or riding his skateboard.  Zach also spends his time cooking and baking ,and even states “I’m literally the best baker to ever be.” In general, music is the main thing to take hold on Zach’s life and is what he dreams of doing in the future. Zach mainly got into guitar because his friend was a guitar player and he wanted to be as good as him.

Zach is a huge metal fan and considers it to be his favorite genre. He states his favorite band to be slipknot and was stoked to learn that they were releasing a new album. His favorite slipknot album is ¨.5 The Gray Chapter.¨

When he is not rocking out to music, you can guarantee that he is in the kitchen. Zach loves baking and specifically cookies. He loves making sweets , and bringing them to school for his friends to eat.



How would Zach describe his skateboarding skills  ̈eh ̈ he says he isn’t very good at it but it is something he enjoys. He loves ramps but is not into tricks all that much. He does visit Tyson skate park and loves the dips and riding around.

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