Ever Met a Speed Drawer?

A professional speed drawer,Aidan Zaugg,  drew the Disney animated character Woody in 30 seconds, flat! Will he share his secrets? find out below.

Aidan Zaugg pondering the universe

Zaugg can draw extremely well and fast, is a junior,  and wants to run an animation channel on YouTube. With his background in drawing, I see him getting a position on Pixar in no time. His favorite color is red and he is looking forward to playing the indie hit, “Cuphead”. He said this to me in an interview, “I don’t know how I draw so fast. I started liking my art around eighth grade.”


He had started in drawing by tracing box arts for movies. He started speed drawing around the age of twelve.

Aidan Zaugg hard at work

He is very interested in animation he wants to run an animation channel on Youtube. He doesn’t know when his channel will launch, but a name it might be under is “Aidan animations”.

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