Logan Howard: A Suspicious High Schooler

I have encountered many interesting people throughout my high school career, but no student in this school tops fellow Journalism student Logan Howard. He may have some fooled, but below the surface , there are more layers than you can imagine.
He uses his last name as a cover for his actual Lebanese name that he claims was assigned to his grandfather in an airport. After initial confusion from TSA agents, they assigned him a name and apparently sent him to whichever gate. The school even  mistook his ethnicity as hispanic.

Logan Howard struggles to answer questions.

His hobbies include playing video games for numerous hours, to the point where he has over 4000 hours in Borderlands 2. He later claims that he does not remember when he became addicted, but his brother encouraged him to play which caused him to spiral into buying hundreds of weapons for his avatar. He also plays the small Japanese instrument named the otamatone, and openly admits it was a rather sporadic buying decision that caused him to pay off debt.
Observations show that he covers up these suspicious facts by asking ridiculous questions and changing the topic by goofing off, leaving this reporter to question who this “Logan” really is.

Logan Howard avoids questions about Borderland.

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