A-DOOR-able Holiday Decor

Decorating for the Holidays are a vital part of getting in the Christmas spirit. To assist in putting students in a cheery mood, Central High School hosted its annual door decorating contest Friday, December 7.  

Teachers and volunteer students join forces to decorate the outside of the classroom door with hilarious, or downright adorable ensemble of decor. Theatre and English 2 teacher, Mrs. Toll, has taken interest in a popular vine of a young woman saying “Merry Chrysler.”

Toll took pictures with students to recreate an accurate version of the vine, while also displaying Central Pride by including her students.

Teachers such as Mrs. Judy Rule make it known that her students are the ones who helped with the decorating of her door. Prepared with pictures of each student in her class, a Christmas tree stands tall on her door displaying CHS Pride through faces of Central.

From students to administrators, groups of observers walk the halls in search of the perfect door for each of the following qualities: Funniest, Best Light Display, Most CHS Pride, Best Departmental Theme, Children’s Delight, Originality, Best Movie Theme, and Best Overall.

“Everyone is so stressed through this time of year with testing and the end of the semester we really do this to lighten the feeling and bring a sense of holiday joy,” stated Ms. Poulsen. The winner of the contest receives handmade ribbons from Ms. Poulsen herself.



Funniest: Mrs. Toll Room 213

Best Light Display: Mrs. Rule Room 120

CHS Pride: Main Office

Best Department: Mr. Bergstresser Room 206

Children’s Delight: Mrs. Jones Room 122

Originality: Mrs. Morris Room 223

Best Movie Theme: Mr. Pacifico Room NV02

Best Overall: Mrs. Mytyk Room 201


“It’s more about prestige and the joy it brings everyone decorating and judging rather than the prize,” Ms. Poulsen said with a sense of excitement in her voice. As the judges walk the halls throughout the day, they not only find the Christmas spirit, but also joy in knowing students and teachers came together to prepare for judgment day.


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