Mr. and Miss. CHS: Senior Superlative Feature

Rylie Compton, and Xavier Washington pose together for a quick picture.

Mr. And Miss CHS are perhaps the most prestigious superlative titles. Winners Xavier Washington and Rylie Compton stay actively involved in school athletics and deserve this award because of their time and contribution here at Central.

Rylie Compton is the cheer captain, homecoming queen, All State Cheerleader, and 2x All American cheerleader. Rylie was asked why she thinks she was picked for this award, “I volunteer and do a lot of community service for the school, and cheer” Rylie volunteers at organization such as Fantasy of Trees, Family Promise, and The Salvation Army.

Rylie has been on Central High School’s cheer team for four years. “Cheering on Friday nights has been my favorite part of high school overall, I love getting to cheer next to my teammates and being able to look up and see all my friends in the student section.”

Taken by Spears Sports Photos , Xavier is in game mode on a Friday night.

Her counterpart, Xavier Washington also stays active in and outside of Central. Xavier being a team captain, all region player, and being a hand selected player for the upcoming East vs West game had an idea why he was picked for this award. “I think I was chosen because I am a leader in the hallway, and on the field.”

As a well-known player on Central’s football team, Xavier, he shares his favorite memory of high school, “Playing underneath Friday night lights weather we are home or away will always be my favorite memory,  I get to be out there with my brothers I don’t think I will ever forget that.”

Rylie and Xavier’s peers were asked about why they voted for them. “I like the diversity between the two, they both lead in different ways throughout the school.” says Senior Sydney Domermuth.

Taylor Christian also agreed with that statement saying, “They’re both really active in school activities, they’re well known around the school and everyone knows them for being leaders on the football and cheer team.”

When asked about their academics and work ethic in class, teachers all agree they are both hard workers.

Rylie Compton, poses with her cheer gear during Picture day in July.

“Rylie has a very strong work ethic,” says English teacher Mrs.Turner. She continues, saying “She’s not afraid to ask questions and is very positive. One thing that stands out if she defies stereotypes that some might associate with the roles she fills; she can be friends with anybody and that says a lot, especially in high school.”

Science teacher, Mrs.Mytyk  follows up with positive statements about Xavier Washington, “Zay is very engaged, he is always motivated to do his best, and encourages others on the way.” She adds, “Xavier is one of the most personable students I have ever taught, he is a friend to all, and has a great sense of humor and a very contagious laugh and smile. He is an excellent role model to all younger students.”  

Rylie and Xavier both will be very successful in their future life planning to go to college, and maybe even play football and cheer there. These two were a great choice for Mr. and Miss. CHS, and will continue to be leaders after high school.

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