Class of 2019’s Most Dependable

Meredith poses with her drum for band pictures.

Peers voted Meredith Glover the most dependable for the class of 2019 because she is trustworthy and always makes an effort to be there for others. 

Meredith is a member of the band, SGA, NHS, and was also the announcer for the Lady Bobcats soccer team. Outside of the walls of Central, she does Girl Scouts, YoungLife, and figure skating.

“It felt really good to win because I always try my hardest to be there for people. And to know that they recognize that just left me with an overall good feeling.” Meredith humbly states when asked how she felt about winning.

A few of her close friends say why they voted for her:

“Anytime I need something-pencils, money, food- Meredith always has it.” Marina Shipman states.

“I voted her most dependable because she is always there when I need her.” One of Meredith’s best friends Stevie Makres expresses.

Kenneth Hernandez says, “I know I can trust her to do the right thing. She always puts others before herself.”


Max and his band friends smile for a picture after a band concert. (Left to right Joe Meade, Max Dominguez, Efrem Harper, Spencer Smith)

Max Dominguez was voted Most Dependable for the class of 2019 because of his leadership qualities and easy going attitude.

Max is a member of NHS, Student Council, Leadership, and is a part of marching, symphonic, and concert band. “A lot of people depend on me. Especially in band.” Max adds.

When asked how he felt about winning he explained how honored he felt, “I wasn’t expecting this at all” he says.

Some of his friends explain why they voted for him:

“I always depend on him to answer questions, and he is always there when you need him.” Molly Wilbert states.

One of Max’s close friends Spencer Smith says, “I can always count on him and know that I can trust him.”

“I can always count on Max to brighten my day. Whether its him giving me a fist bump or hugging you, he’s always such a light on a bad day.” Haley Green expresses.


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