The Recipe For a Memorable Thanksgiving

After Halloween, many people automatically switch into Christmas mode. People jump skip over one of the most heartwarming and welcoming holidays in the world, Thanksgiving. Some may just think that it is unnecessary because you make the same meal with turkey and ham, you’re surrounded by family, and you watch cheesy holiday specials while wrapped tightly in a big fluffy blanket. To many, Thanksgiving is just an overblown Christmas rehearsal where you don’t get presents. To make your Thanksgivings more memorable I have three easy steps that can make your Thanksgiving just as good as Christmas.

  • Play a fun New Game

One of the most memorable games that I have ever seen is the Hasbro game Speak Out. It is perfect for making any gathering memorable as you will be laughing the whole time you play. You put a plastic spreader in your mouth, and you try to read a phrase off of a card while your partner tries to guess what you are saying. The first team to ten points wins. This game is hilarious fun for the whole family, and is the perfect pre-dinner game. This is just one of the many games that can spice up your Thanksgiving gathering. If your family is very lax or loves South Park humor, then Cards Against Humanity would also be a great addition.

  • Spice up your Turkey

    Image from Bacon Wiki

One of the longest running Thanksgiving traditions is the serving of the turkey. This sleepy treat delights most, but little kids may pout about it being boring and plain, ruining the night. To this there are three solutions. 1. Bake that bird, and bombard it with bacon. 2. Boil the oil and plunge that bird into the fryer to make a crispy, delicious delicacy to satisfy the stingy eaters. 3. Deep fried, bacon covered turkey, with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. Any of these should satisfy and quiet down those little munchkins for the night.

  • Finish with a Movie

It is a long running tradition for many families to watch The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special after a hearty meal of bird and beans. While there is nothing wrong with this special it lacks the punch that another thanksgiving classic possesses. The movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a Thanksgiving classic that families can laugh over and remember for years. Sure it has some language, but it probably isn’t anything that they haven’t heard their uncle say in an alcohol fueled rant at the New Years Eve party before.

Enjoy and remember that Thanksgiving is a special time of year to remember all of the great things in your life and to be thankful for them. It’s a shame that so many people just blow by it like a abandoned tire on the side of the highway. Try these things to make your Thanksgiving a little more memorable so more people can remember just how special this holiday is.

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