NJROTC Annual Inspection

Standing at attention, Cadet Aaron Mosqueda prepares for the inspection hoping to make a good impression.

Preparing students for armed forces, Central High School’s annual NJROTC inspection took place Friday, November 16, at 10:30 AM. The inspection follows strict guidelines to insure the students are prepared for representing their country.

Both male and female cadets must follow these guidelines to make sure they are presentable for the special guests that come watch the inspection: wearing the uniform, arriving in the NJROTC room on time, being clean shaven and cut for males, and not wearing excessive jewelry for females.

With plans to join the army after high school, junior Aaron Mosqueda said that the NJROTC program at Central made him feel more prepared for what is to come, “Kids who want to be in armed forces take this class.”

During the inspection, groups of cadets march to display the skills learned while taking the class. The leaders yell commands that the groups of cadets follow.

Giving ribbons to the best cadets Lieutenant Commander Emily Wilson gives handshakes to the ribbon recipients.

Guests such as Knox County Schools representatives, Mayor Glenn Jacobs, and Lieutenant Commander Emily Wilson came to witness the inspection. The Lieutenant handed out ribbons to the cadets who passed the inspection with flying colors.

Both the band and choir performed at the event. “Without them, the inspection wouldn’t be the same. They make it what it is,” stated Aaron Mosqueda. Songs performed by the choir consisted of tribute songs where veterans are asked to stand when their song is played.

Students from every grade came to support the NJROTC in their annual inspection. Parents also attended the event to show support for their students, many who hope to be future armed forces members.

Performing for the event, the Bobcat Choir sings to honor the armed forces in the audience. Pictured: Lexi Dishner, Maddy Dishner, Katie Thorpe, Natali Pratt, Josie Wells, Rachel Maret.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Patton said he was extremely proud of his cadets and how they performed for the inspection.  When asked how he believed the guests affected the outcome he stated, “It definitely gave the atmosphere of somebody is watching you and made them perform better.”  

“The basic charter of NJROTC is actually through citizenship. It’s the intangible things, like teamwork and discipline, that we teach the cadets so they can take with them anywhere they go,” Master Gunnery Sergeant Patton stated with pride in the program and cadets showing across is face.




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