Zane Pearson and Lexi Cardwell: Class of 2019’s Best Dressed

Best dressed winners,  Zane Person and Lexi Cardwell smile as they pose for a quick picture. 

When the Senior Superlatives were announced, the category best dressed fits these two seniors to a T.  Zane Pearson and Lexi Cardwell both won the best dressed category voted by their fellow peers.

Lexi Cardwell describes her fashion as grunge, and loves stores like Forever 21, PacSun, and Brandy Melville. “I like to make an effort to look nice everyday” says Cardwell. Lexi’s styles consist of Mom jeans, jackets, band tees, and her favorite shoes, Doc Martens.

“Lexi has a unique sense of style, very trendy and hipsterish, but she doesn’t follow the crowd. She’s just Lexi” fellow peer Kacie Grogan states.

Lexi poses against brick wall in one of her favorite outfits! 

Grogan isn’t the only senior who feels this way, Bailey Lemmons agrees, “Lexi was the first person who came to mind when I saw this category, she dressed just not like she tries to hard, its a simple but very cool style.”

The boy who was picked for this category is Zane Person, who style is the complete opposite of his female counterpart. Pearson’s style is preppy and classy. His favorite stores to shop at are American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy.

Zane Pearson poses in school hallway after taking his superlative pictures down town.

With polos and khakis, Zane always makes sure he looks good. “It takes me about 45 minutes in the morning to get ready for school, I always make sure my colors coordinate, and sometimes I will even iron my clothes.”

Senior Mackenzie Mcmanus explains why she voted for Zane, “He’s always wearing preppy clothing, I have never seen him wear basketball shorts or sweatpants, I actually have seen him in a tux one day.”

Another Senior Shua Howell explains Zane’s style in a very simple way, “He dresses like a dad, and I like it.”

With Zane’s preppy clothing, and Lexi’s unique but grunge style, these two truly provide a variety of style every day at school. Their peers took notice, and both are excited to receive this award. Central will miss their iconic fashion statements in the school hallways.

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