Kindest: Sarah Cook and Justin Mize

With over 200 names to choose from in the senior class, the task of choosing one girl and one boy to for each superlative seemed rather daunting. However, there was one pair of names that were obvious fits for kindest: Sarah Cook and Justin Mize.

IMG_1231 (1)
Sarah Cook photographed by cousin Alex Gadd

Sarah Cook is an absolute sweetheart. If you ask any of her classmates about the five year member of the marching band and Percussion Captain they will agree. When asked how she felt about being named Kindest Sarah was caught off guard. “It’s crazy to think that people in my grade think of me as kind,” she stated. Fittingly, Sarah plans to pursue a degree in nursing at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. She feels a a calling to serve and help others as she goes throughout life.

When asked why she voted for Sarah, Grace Cochran said that “since [she] met Sarah in sixth grade she’s been the kindest soul ever. You could do something wrong to her and she would literally say it was her fault.” According to Griffen Smith, “Sarah is such a kind soul and she always has something nice to say.”

Justin Mize

When most people hear the name Justin Mize warm thoughts to mind. Justin is a member of the baseball team and marching band. At the time superlatives were announced at the Homecoming pep-rally, Justin was playing with band. When they called his name he was confused. “[Max Dominguez] told me to stand up,” he said, “He told me I won kindest and I was like ‘oh, cool’!” He hopes to continue his education at Carson-Newman University to study either computer science or business.

His peers like Kylie Dowling will tell you that “Justin always has a smile on his face. He’s always willing to help out with school work.” Olivia Battershell says of Justin, “he has always been a super nice person even since elementary school. Of course I voted for him.”

My vote for both Sarah and Justin came very easily. I have had the pleasure of being friends with both of them for several years. There are no two other people in the entire school who deserve the title more. The title of “kindest” is sure to follow them well into their post high school pursuits.

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