Kacie Grogan, Sydney Domermuth and Griffen Smith: Class of 2019’s Wittiest

If you hear someone laughing or smiling you can assume that it was caused by your classmates Griffen Smith, Kacie Grogran or Sydney Domermuth. When the senior class had to nominate two candidates for the wittiest, they automatically knew who to choose but were torn for the wittiest girl.

Sydney Domermuth, Griffen Smith, and Kacie Grogan posing for a picture.

Kacie Grogan is a member of the HOSA club and also part of the student government. With maintaining good grades, and being involved in extracurriculars she still manages to make her peers laugh or put a smile on their face.

Kacie Grogan poses outside in the breezeway for her photo.

She is someone you can count on to make you smile. When asked why she voted Grogan, Rylie Compton replied, “She’s always got a quick witted response for any situation.” Grogan said “I was happy to win a superlative but also happy that it was wittiest.” Noel Halberstadt was also quick to respond about why she voted Grogan, “She’s one of the funniest people I know and she’s one of my best friends.”

Griffen Smith is involved in many activities, including: band, swim team, national honors society, SGA, key club, and the soccer team. Smith lives a busy life but still remains a positive attitude and he is still finding the time to put a smile on people’s faces. When asked why she voted for him she automatically knew her answer.

Griffen Smith smiling on his last day of band camp on the practice field.

Grace Cochran says, “He cracks so many jokes. It’s just him regularly talking, I laugh so hard.”  Many might say that Griffen is also talented based on all that he exceeds in and all that he is involved in. Kayley Siler could agree that he is witty. Despite the fact that he actually plays clarinet in the band, Siler stated while giggling, “He can play trumpet [on] his actual fingers [without the instrument], it’s like a hand trumpet.” Smith has made her laugh by one of his many talents. After asking Smith how he felt when he heard the news about him winning he replied, “Oh wow, people other than my friends think I’m funny.”

Sydney Domermuth is the president of FCClA club, works hard in her classes and also manages to go to her job after school to make her own money. Many people know Domermuth by her goofy attitude and witty remarks. When asked why they voted Domermuth for the wittiest girl people were quick to provide an answer.

Sydney Domermuth caught mid laugh for her photo outside in the breezeway.

Alexis Hinton replied with “She’s really funny, everything that comes out of her mouth is funny, I love Sydney,” Taylor Christian could agree, she said “She’s funny, she’s outgoing, she’s that chick!” When asked how she felt when she was announced one of the winners Sydney was surprised, she says “I was surprised when I won, I didn’t know my words had meaning to people and made people’s days!”

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