Freshman Student Spotlight: Brady Ackerman and Grace Cook

After consulting with to the freshman teachers, Freshman principal Mr.Wise chose Brady Ackerman and Grace Cook as the student of the month for the month of October 2018. They came to a decision that both Brady Ackerman and Grace Cook deserved recognition.

Brady Ackermann
Brady Ackerman, Freshman of the Month

Brady Ackerman is in Spanish and honors English. He enjoys Central High School. PE teacher Coach Hill commented, “Brady is a fantastic student and is a pleasure.” Coach also commented, “He always does his best and works hard.”


Grace Cook
Grace Cook, Freshman of the Month

Grace Cook plays soccer for the Central High School and is also in the band. English teacher Mrs. Roberts said, “Grace is a conscientious student who consistently does her classwork and makes good grades”. She also brings up that, “She is a quiet young lady with a pleasant disposition.”


Congratulations to Brady Ackerman and Grace Cook – two students well-deserving of the spotlight.



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