Senior Student Spotlight: Xavier Washington and Reagan Battershell

Xavier Washington and Reagan Battershell are both seniors active in a lot of activities during and after school, involving the school, also Xavier and Reagan both participate in sports.

However, after interviewing with the senior principal, Ms. Poulsen, getting information on why she picked these seniors for students for the month of October, there were many outstanding reasons she chose the two.

Ms.Poulsen stated Xavier Washington was chosen for plenty of reasons that many people can see just being around him. She said “Xavier’s student and team leadership is outstanding, as are his academics, always hard working, positive 100% of the time, and always helping and encouraging students who need it.”

Xavier and his positive attitude are so uplifting when you walk in the same room as him your more than likely  going to be just as filled of joy and as positive as him. Washington is an amazing student and an even better person

On the other hand Reagan Battershell, senior at Central High School who also won student of the month as Poulsen would say “she’s just such a joy to be around”. Reagan takes the underclassmen under her wing and teaches them everything they need to know.

Reagan is a great student and an even better student! Poulsen says “Reagan is such a great role model, and her classmates love having her in class”. Both students have worked hard to be able to be picked for student of the month!

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