Tim Burchett, More Than Just a Funny Guy on Twitter

Tim Burchett is the Republican nominee for the 2nd Congressional District. Burchett is the former of Knox County and a well known member of the Twitter community. Mrs. Turner’s third block journalism class had the honor of having Mr. Burchett in class on October 26 for some questions. IMG_7553

Burchett began our class visit with the story of how he began his career in politics. He explained that as a small business owner faced several issues caused by legislation and took it upon himself to make change happen. When elected, he promised that he “would never, ever turn [his] back on the people… whether they’re black or white, democrat or republican, Christians, non-Christians … America still stands for freedom and it stands for equality…”

As the son of a World War II veteran, he is very passionate about the care our military receives. He believes that the current Veterans Affairs healthcare system is a “disgrace” and that “if Congress was under the VA it would be fixed yesterday.”

Burchett believes that we should focus on funding energy dependence projects here at home, such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory as well as finding new kinds of renewable resources.

After a quick interview, Mr. Burchett gave me one of his bigfoot stickers.

Burchett also advocates to get rid of the stigmas surrounding mental health, work across party lines, and to put education in the hands in the state.

His goal is to help young people’s futures and and make things easier for us here at home.

For information on Tim Burchett go to click here.

For information on his opponent Renee Hoyos click here.



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