Easy and Impressive DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween, the most creative holiday celebrated in America, comes with a plenty of surprisingly outstanding self-made costumes that leave people in awe for their thoughtfulness and creativity. These ideas are simple yet extremely effective when it comes to impressing your peers.

The first costume is based on the main protagonist of Back to the Future, Marty McFly. Considering this movie is a cult classic, the easy outfit is easily identifiable by most. All you need for this costume are a pair of blue jeans, a jean jacket, a red puffy vest, a white and blue plaid button-down shirt, and a maroon t-shirt.

Marty Mcfly, from Back to The Future

All of these articles of clothing can be found at your local thrift shop for dirt cheap prices. To add some extra detail to the costume, you can also style your hair the same way Marty did. Try using molding paste on your hair, or wear a wig that matched the aesthetic of the era the movie took place in.

The second idea would be the Addams Family. For Morticia Addams, all you need is a black dress, a black skirt, and black shoes. For Gomez Addams, all you need are black shoes, dress pants, a black button-up, black bow-tie, and suspenders. You could even dress up as Cousin Itt, in a creative way. You could either use yarn, or natural color hula skirts found at a Party City.

You would need at least 10 or more adult sized hula skirts, safety pins, sunglasses, and a bowling hat to complete the costume. You should also get a full-size flat sheet in a tan color to put under your choice of material. Put the sheet over your first and mark where your eyes, mouth, and nose are. Then take the sheet off and cut out the holes where you marked.

Cousin Itt, from the Addams family.

For the skirts, depending on your height, you should keep adding layers until you’re completely covered from head to toe. Make sure to place the skirts all over your body to add more natural texture to the costume.

The last costume would be the Stag from the TV series Hannibal. The Stag symbolizes evil, which is perfect for the holiday. All you need is black face paint, temporary black hair dye (or tan bald cap), a full suit and tie, a dress shirt,  dress pants, dress shoes, and fake antlers (or real ones if you want to get extremely creative).

Stag, from the TV series Hannibal

First, you need to paint the fake antlers a full black color. Secondly, put on all of the clothes for the full suit. Lastly, color your face completely black using the face paint and dye your hair black using the temporary hair dye. You may also replace the hair dye with a tan bald cap, and then paint it black.




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