The Screams Inside the Bluffs

Legends, in their own little way, attract practically everyone and the legend of the White Screamer in White Bluff, Tennessee is absolutely no different.


A presumed representation of the White Bluff Screamer


Stark horror is rather hard to come by with eerie legends such as these, though the white screamer seems to send chills down other’s spines without much thought. A monster that just doesn’t quite leave the poor small town is known for its placement in a natural hollow where a family of nine used to live along with it.


We’ve all heard the myths and legends of screams in the forest, but the almost painful wails that seemed to bounce off of the trees chilled not only the seven children but the parents as well to the bone.

One night, in a fit of fearful anger, the young father traveled into the forest in search of where the screams were coming from but was met with not only one entity but a whole group of them. Their screams had been so clear and shrill that the father immediately turned back towards his home.

A small look inside the woods of the bluffs


However, his worst nightmare had practically unfolded before him as his family’s body parts had been left in the floor of his home and what was presumed to be a safe haven, a dream, quickly shifted into something far more terrifying.

The residents of White Bluff are not hidden with this mysterious monster, claiming that they coexist with it to the best of their abilities. Though, most believe that the white screamer was nothing but a banshee and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. 

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