Seven Reasons the Moon Landing Actually Happened

Moon Landing 1920x1200 wallpaperOn July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man ever to walk on the moon. However, some people doubt that this monumental achievement actually happened. They’re wrong.

1.The Van Allen Belts
There are belts of radiation surrounding the Earth that many people claim would have burned the astronauts up as they exited the atmosphere. The international scientific community claims that during the time of the Apollo 11 launch, the belts were at their lowest intensity of the year, due to the sun’s energy fluctuations. The astronauts were only exposed to a dose of around 18 rads of radiation, which is well within the survivable doses of radiation.
2.The Flapping Flag
Most doubters claim that since the flag was seen flapping after it was planted, that it must have been faked, because without wind to move the flag, it couldn’t have moved. They don´t take into account that, while the astronauts where planting the flag they had to move it from left to right in order to have it stick. The fag also appears to flap because the when they shoved it into the ground the force shifted the flag’s position making it appear to move, with the low gravity of the moon holding the flag in its position.
3. No Stars in the Sky
People claim that since you can’t see stars from the surface of the moon in any of the pictures, then it must be fake. This is actually a common occurrence when photographing from space. The sunlight reflects off of the moon’s surface and outshines the light of the stars, making the sky appear black and empty, just like Michael Myers eyes.
4. The Rock with a C on It


There is a photo of a rock labeled with a C on it from the Apollo 16 mission to the moon.This image was actually taken from a shot of the moon rover, if you look the rock doesn’t have a label on it, the picture with a C is actually a copy of the original where something got caught on the copier screen while it was being printed.

5. The wonky shadows
In one photo of the lander it appears to have shadows coming off of two sides of one of the legs. Someone might argue that this has to be from stage lights, because if it were on the moon the only source of light is the sun, making these shadows impossible. This can be explained by the uneven surface of the moon creating extra shadows, for example the reason that there is an extra shadow is because a small ridge extended out from where the lander’s leg was.
6. The Footprints are Still There
When looking through a high-powered telescope at the landing sites, you can actually see the footprints left by the astronauts from previous missions.
7. The Moon Rocks We Brought Back
The rocks brought back from the moon contain glass spherules. The tiny particles can only be made in two ways: with volcanic eruptions, and by high-speed meteorite crashes that normally melt or vaporize rock. In both instances the spherules only form when given time to cool and crystallize slowly. Scientists have found these particles in meteorites found on earth, and on the rocks brought back from the moon, meaning that there is no other explanation of these intact rocks with these particles on them, than them having come from the moon.

There are many more facts, but it would make this article way too long. The facts presented should convince any reasonable person that the moon landing actually happened in 1969.

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