The Safety of Haunted Bathrooms (Or the lack thereof)

Think about it. You’re a student at a large school and just so happen to walk into the bathroom where one of your bullies are waiting for you, and suddenly within a blink of an eye… you’re dead.

You’d be upset right?

But would you haunt your school?

In the depths of a school in an eastern Tennessee school up north, this just so happens to be the case.


An outside look of the bathrooms where the horrid scene occurred.

One day, a boy had walked into the bathroom before class to just get some peace and quiet for even a few seconds. Though, what seemed like a peaceful moment quickly morphed into an intense moment of pain. A bully, one that had been giving him a plethora of problems before, walked in and grabbed the boy by the back of the head to smash his face into the mirror.


Moreover, what was intended to be nothing more than just a bad injury didn’t turn out that way by any means. A shard of glass was lodged into the student’s neck and the boy bled out in the middle of the bathroom.

In fear of being caught for murder, the bully conveniently had power tools in his backpack and tore up the tiles underneath the sink to stuff the body of the student in the hole and cover it up. The body wasn’t discovered until a few weeks later.

Now, while the crime may be true, there is always a myth behind a tragic story.

They say that if someone were to visit the now abandoned school and look into the mirror of the boy’s bathroom, and that if they were to see him behind them, the visitor would suffer the same fate the student had: a piece of glass in the neck and dragged back into the hole to never see the light of day again.


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