Getting to know Mrs.Buckner

Mrs.Buckner, a teacher at Central High School may seems to be a shy person, but is an amazing teacher and an even more amazing person. Look closer to find the life of a not so “average” teacher…

Buckner loves her students; it is important for her to connect with ALL of her students, not only just to be the one who informs them about all the business classes she teaches.

Mrs.Buckner used to be known as Ms.Hooks until she got married around two years ago. She was with Mr.Buckner for quite a while before they got married… until he just had to put a ring on it and keep her all to himself!

When coming into Central as a freshman being the “new girl” coming from a different school, meeting who was known as Mrs.Hooks, at the time was a huge help. She demanded on getting to know me and comforting me. It’s just who she is as a person, to make everyone feel as they have someone there from them.

Mrs.Hooks stands outside of her door every morning smiling and asking people how’s their morning or  constantly complimenting anyone in her sight. It just comes natural to her, she’s so full of laughter and happiness no matter what the circumstances are.

She has two daughters, Lauren and Savannah. One is currently attending in college , as Buckner would say “I just love those crazy girls.” She would do anything for them…. just like she would for all her students.

Getting to know your teachers is such a positive way to find support systems… especially with Mrs.Buckner. Do you take the time to get to actually know your teachers and build a relationship with them, if not you definitely should!

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