Fun at Baker Creek

The Baker Creek Preserve is a beautiful scenic getaway, perfect for outdoor recreation as autumn grows closer. A wide range of activities, mixed with the beautiful outdoor atmosphere, makes Baker Creek perfect for all ages.

Bikers getting ready to take one of the trails at Baker Creek.


Located at 3700 Lancaster Drive, Baker Creek has one hundred acres of beautiful hills, meadows, and valleys. It offers 7.3 miles of beginner to expert level mountain biking trails, and a fun outdoor play space for younger ages. It is open twenty-four hours and completely free for the public.


Baker Creek is a perfect, stay in town option for fall this year. It offers many opportunities for fun ways to exercise and to better overall health. This is all possible, while  being surrounded by the beautiful terrain of East Tennessee.

A biker jumping at Baker Creek.  Pictured: Tyler Leach

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