“What’s scarier than Bella Thorne?”

Believe it or not, autumn is here and the spooky season is upon us. As most people tune into Free Form’s 31 Nights of Halloween, it’s run of the mill, never ending cycles of Hocus Pocus and The Adams Family leave more to be desired.

As classic and timeless as Hocus Pocus is, there is only so many times one can hear “I Put A Spell On You” before getting bored of watching the Sanderson Sisters fly into the night on brooms and vacuum cleaners. If you’re like most people, you’re in desperate need of some fresh, spooky entertainment.

IMG_1105Black Mirror (Netflix): This British series is chilling as each episode is completely different and somehow creepier than the last. Everything about this show is incredibly disturbing in how real it seems. Many of the shows topics could very easily happen in our reality’s near future. While this series isn’t exactly Halloween specific entertainment, if you’re in the mood to be thoroughly creeped out this is definitely a show for you to binge watch.

IMG_1109Scream the TV Series (MTV): Scream the TV Series is based on the slasher film series of the same name. The show follows Emma Duval and her friends as they are tormented by a ravonious murderer who has killed one of their peers. The series follows the same type incredibly self-aware narrative of the movie and intentionally engages in many of the typical horror movie tropes while still keeping the audience on their toes the whole season. Scream can be found on Netflix as well as a few other providers.

IMG_1120You Get Me (Netflix): This Netflix original movie is scary in many ways. The plot follows high school student Tyler as he deals with the repercussions of becoming involved with Holly, a girl who transfers schools in an effort to keep their romance alive after one night at a party. Despite the plot being discerning in and of itself, Holly is portrayed by Bella Thorne which is evokes a whole different kind of fright.

t@gged (Hulu): t@gged follows three seemingly random girls whoIMG_1104 have all received messages from a mysterious account who calls themselves MonkeyMan. The anonymous user somehow knows incriminating and worrying things about the girls who must work together to figure out how to get the upper hand on MonkeyMan before they unleash their master plan and someone ends up dead.



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