Keagan Cross and Cian Bell: Class of 2019 Most Likely to Succeed

Everybody wants to be successful in life, but when the senior class was asked to select two classmates who were most likely to do so, the answer seemed obvious. Keagan Cross and Cian Bell were both given this title after being voted by their peers.

IMG_7304 (1).JPGKeagan Cross is a member of the climbing team and is also on her first semester back at Central after spending a year learning in Germany. Cross said, “I was really happy to be voted Most Likely to Succeed; I felt like my hard work had been noticed.” In regards to her plans, she hopes to obtain her degree in environmental science or global studies so that she can “create a future in which [she] can help others, as well as the natural world”.

Keagan is a light in the hallways of Central and is known for always going after what she believes in. When asked why she voted Keagan, senior Grace Cochran said, “I voted her for this, but I really wish there was a superlative for ‘Most Likely to Change the World’ because that’s her through and through.”

Cochran isn’t alone in these beliefs, Kacie Grogan stated, “Every time I’ve been in a class with her, even in middle school, she has always been the hardest worker. Even outside of schoolwork, she exceeds expectations.” Jacqueline Carter also commented on her many achievements, saying she remembers her always winning the spelling bee in elementary school.

IMG_7362.jpegCian Bell is a member of Central’s cross country team, and also excels in art classes. When asked about receiving this title, he said, “Above all, I was surprised. I didn’t know that many people knew enough about me to vote for me.” Regarding his plans for the immediate future, he hopes he will be successful in the college application process and also states, “In the not-as-near future, I hope to be successful in my pursuit of a career in scientific journalism.”

When students were asked to describe why they voted for Bell, most of the answers followed one theme: Cian works hard at everything he does. Alongside his abilities in school, Cian excels in cross country. Classmate, Kayley Siler explained that he is “very intelligent and well rounded” and reminisced on a time that she was stressed that she would get a B in her English class and he comforted her by letting her know it “wasn’t the end of the world”.

Other seniors supported these claims, Mackenzie McManus disclosed, “Everyone has known since the fifth grade that he would win this, he deserves this title because he is the perfected model for a dedicated student.”

Congratulations to both of the Class of 2019’s Most Likely to Succeed, Central is looking forward to seeing all that these students achieve.

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