The Dos and Don’ts on getting Recommendation Letters

Getting ready to apply to colleges can be an overwhelming and stressful ordeal. Receiving a letter of recommendation from

Mr. Montgomery holding up the form for Letters of Recommendation

 a close staff member of your school or teacher can help you stand out to the college you’re applying for.

Many students may not know what a letter of recommendation is, or does for you. A letter of recommendation benefits you, Mrs. Turner states, “It helps your application become more than just a number, it sets you apart.” Turner ends up writing many letters of recommendation for students, and she and mostly likely any teacher or guidance counselor would prefer a 

minimum of two weeks to form a letter of recommendation.

Garret Hamilton, a former student of Central High School shares information about what he did to go about receiving his letters. Hamilton knew he needed recommendation letters for his college applications, so he asked two teachers he personally felt most comfortable with. He asked Mrs. Sigmon and Mrs. Mullins, he chose these specific teachers because of his success in both of their classes and also because they knew him well. Letters of recommendation may be required for the college you want to attend.

Hamilton says “It was beneficial because without them I would not be in college.” If you know you need a recommendation letter, be sure to ask them at least two weeks prior to when you need it, but the earlier the better. Also, informing the person writing the letter about where they need to send it to or any other information about it is necessary to provide.

Another credible person to ask is Mr. Montgomery, the senior guidance counselor. Montgomery will advise you to thoroughly fill out your high school resume, which he provides to you when you meet for your individual meeting with him. He recommends students record things they do outside of school like clubs, or the amount of community service earned and where.

It would also be beneficial to add information that you would like the college to know specifically, awards or something you have done that feels important. These can help whether applying to colleges or for certain scholarships. Montgomery highly recommends filling out this resume if you are wanting to receive a letter of recommendation.

It is a way of standing out, “It gives a different perspective of how you are as a person” states Montgomery. When he writes letters of recommendation for student he shows why that specific student should be chosen based off of achievements or their personality.

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