Kavanaugh Confirmation Controversy: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Kavanaugh Accusations

By:Emile Shaker

download-2The accusations surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s name are blurry. He was accused of sexually assaulting Dr. Ford and Deborah Ramirez in high school. The accusations caused some to believe that Kavanaugh does not deserve to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Personally, I believe he should be confirmed unless the accusations were confirmed true.

After reading articles about the situation on news website that lean towards the left, I found information that could potentially change my stance towards whether he should be confirmed or not. In an article posted on Mother Jones, titled “More Brett Kavanaugh Classmates Are Saying He Lied to Congress”, the author quotes Daniel Lavan. Daniel lived in Kavanaugh’s dorm during freshman year of college, and said that he “saw him on multiple occasions stumbling drunk where he could not have rational control over his actions or clear recollection of them”.

Another news article, posted on Slate, mentions that multiple witnesses have tried to contact the FBI with information about Kavanaugh. Elizabeth Rasor, a former girlfriend of Kavanaugh’s high school friend Mark Judge, said that Judge had told her about an incident in which he and other boys at Georgetown Prep took turns having sex with the same drunk girl.

My position slightly changed, after hearing how there is a possibility that he could be guilty of another sexual assault, it makes me question whether or not it matters if he is confirmed guilty or not. Although, until proven guilty, he is still an innocent man in the eyes of law. Which is all that should matter when it comes to being put into a position of law.

Kavanaugh is Innocent but He Should Not be Put on The Supreme Court 

By: Reagan Battershell

On July 9, 2018 President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Later that month a woman named Christine Ford privately accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. As his nomination continued Ford publicly came forward which lead to a hearing from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While watching the hearing for myself I personally came to the conclusion that Kavanaugh was innocent. A lot of what Ford was saying did not add up to me. Many of the witnesses she called refuted her story and questions directed towards her were frequently answered with “I don’t know.” It is understandable that after thirty years that someone would not remember minor details, but I do not understand how you could forget nearly all of the key points.

downloadKavanaugh was incredibly angry in his statement. While that is understandable given what he has been accused of, it is a little disconcerting considering that he is a nominee to be placed on the highest court in the land. He may not of assaulted anyone but his demeanor was less than professional.

After reading transcripts of both Ford and Kavanaugh’s statements I can honestly say that I still side with Kavanaugh. I have seen no evidence that solidly convicts the judge or anything to disprove his honesty. While I do not believe Kavanaugh is guilty, I do not believe it would be wise to put him on the Supreme Court. Instead of solely reporting as this has unfolded, the press has turned this event into a story for entertainment value. If Kavanaugh were voted in his credibility would not hold up. At this point I believe it is in everyone’s best interest for the President to select a new nominee.

Kavanaugh Should Not be Confirmed to The Supreme Court

By: Rylee Griffis & Rylie Compton 

With the Kavanaugh hearings, news is always breaking and someone is always being criticized. This chaos can make drawing a conclusion difficult, so we investigated our original viewpoint that Ford is telling the truth and ultimately came to the conclusion that we would like more information before coming to a complete decision, while still believing that there are better, less controversial people to nominate.

download-1To start our investigation, we began with researching Kavanaugh’s counterclaims. We started with the fact that he has had six prior FBI investigations, and no allegations in this ballpark came up at these times; however, this could just be because the victim did not yet feel comfortable coming forward.

Moreover, Kavanaugh’s calendar, if proven to be from high school, shows indescrepencies in Ford’s stories. While this could just be from the time lapse between the allegations and when the assault was said to have happened, following through on these claims from both sides could shine a light on what really happened.

Why would we want to place a person surrounded by so much controversy in one of the highest positions of power in our country?

Dr.Ford, in her testimony, is standing up for more people than just herself; she is standing up for those who have been sexually harassed. Hopefully, the senate will truly listen to her and the others speaking up, and will allow this to open their eyes to the fact that he is not the right fit.  

At the end of the day, our country needs to take a page from Dianne Feinstein’s book and ask ourselves, “Is he the best we can do?”


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