Golfing Sensation: Alyssa Montgomery

Tony Patterson and Alyssa Montgomery smile after Alyssa’s championship win. 

Senior at Central and Virginia Tech commit Alyssa Montgomery is chipping away at the competition, starting her golf season off strong.

Winning the region championship this year makes Alyssa the first girl in region 2 AAA to win the region four years in a row. Tony Patterson, teacher at Central and Alyssa’s coach says, “Alyssa just won the Region 2 championship for the fourth consecutive year… [she] excels on the golf course as well as in the classroom due to her tireless work ethic.”


Getting into full swing, Alyssa shot three under par at districts. For the season, she is 19 under. Her best score this year is 6 under 66 at a preseason tournament. This drive has gotten her a spot to play on Virginia Tech’s golf team, one of her choice schools.

Taken at Oak Ridge Country Club, Alyssa poses at her first big win in 2017.

Recalling her first time golfing, she was with her dad and only 7 years old. She says, “we would go around in our backyard, I’d take his clubs and try to hit a couple… after a while we finally went to a golf course.” This is where her passion for golf really started. Even though Alyssa was a multi-sport athlete, playing soccer and golf for most of elementary and middle school, she chose to fully invest in golf due to her natural ability and passion for it.

One of the biggest ways it had impacted her life is through the people she’s met, says Alyssa. Meeting professional golfer such as Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth has been one of her favorite experiences.

Being proactive in her school work has also helped Alyssa’s journey as a golfer. Sometimes sacrificing a football game or night out with friends, she always makes sure golf and school are her priorities, “Golf really takes up most of my life. It’s my favorite thing to do, so it’s what I’m always doing.”

Taken at the Justin Thomas Jr tournament, Alyssa leading six at 4-under-par 136.

Having a supportive family has also helped with her journey. Her dad being the first person to actually introduce her to golf, Alyssa says her family is very close. Reminiscing to when her brother had to drive her to the golf course, “We used to have to give him like five dollars to even take me” she laughs.

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