Who’s Who of Homecoming

Homecoming queen senior Rylie Compton escorted by junior Gabe Rives.

Between Spirit Week, pep rallies, superlatives, and decorating hallways, Homecoming at Central can feel like it’s rushing by before some catch their breath. Here’s the rundown of all the highlight

Representing the basketball team, Kayley Siler took the field on Homecoming night for the second year in a row, escorted by senior Noah Jones.

The swim team found representation in senior Madelyn Rosenbalm, who walked arm in arm with her father.  

The runner for DECA was Alyssa Montgomery, who throughout fundraising could be found selling snacks in the breezeway. Senior and fellow DECA member Hanson Lam walked with her.

Maycee Limbaugh represented the softball team this year. She walked the field escorted by senior Keyshawn Garner.

Ashley Beets ran for CDCA, walked proudly escorted by former central student, Riley Freeland.  

Shane Bennett represented theatre after being selected by his classmates. He was escorted by junior Katie Thorpe.

Abigail Pilkington ran for choir, chosen as its candidate after peers voted. Her mother Melissa Pilkington escorted her.

Staysha Coward took the field for the bowling team, she walked hand in hand with Dylan Rodgers.


Stevie Makres and Erik Richardson, seniors, walk out together!

Stevie Makres was this year’s second runner-up, representing the girls soccer team. Stevie was escorted by senior, Erik Richardson. The team got new uniforms this year and will be putting the money towards funding that.



The first runner-up was Alexis Brooks, the candidate running for the dance team. Alexis was escorted by fellow dancers and seniors, Brooke Huffaker and Lauren Rupeka. Alexis says the team plans on putting the money towards competitions, uniforms, and other essential stuff they would need as a team.


This year’s Homecoming Queen is Rylie Compton, who represented the cheerleading team. In preparation they have been holding golf tournaments, pancake breakfasts, car washes, and more. The team will be using the money raised towards UCA cheer camp, uniforms, and other necessities for next years season. She was escorted by junior, Gabe Rives.

Along with Homecoming week, superlatives are also a big source of interest. Here’s the run-down on who won what.

In a surprising turn of events, Kacie Grogan and Sydney Domermuth tied for the award of  wittiest. Alongside these ladies, Griffen Smith’s classmates voted him wittiest boy.

Seniors Brooke Huffaker, Lexi Brooks, and Lauren Rupeka pose for a picture during the homecoming game.

The senior class voted Lexi Cardwell and Zane Pearson for best dressed based off of their stylish outfits.

Rylee Griffis and Daveon Hall’s classmates voted them for best all around because no one superlative could encompass their best qualities.

Scoring as most athletic students of the senior class: Kayley Siler and Trafton Garner.

Students voted Keagan Cross and Cian Bell most likely to succeed based off of their efforts at Central High School.

The students recognized Justin Mize and Sarah Cook as the kindest people.

Students elected Alexis Hinton and Erik Richardson for the cutest.

Senior class voted Bryson Boles and Bailey Lemmons for Most School Spirit based off of the pride they exhibit in their student section.

Classmates of Maximino Dominguez and Meredith Glover voted them most dependable.

Josh Howell’s and Dasani Spears’s originality won them most unique students.

Hunter Webb and Rebeca Ortiz’s classmates voted them most talented based on their outstanding talents in theater and a variety of artistic mediums.

Mr.and Ms.CHS! Rylie Compton and Xavier Washington

Rylie Compton and Xavier Washington took home the title of Mr. and Ms. CHS.

In the upcoming weeks catch the feature stories on the winners of the superlatives!

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