The Book Bucket List

There are lots of things everyone should do before they die; reading some great books should be one of them. Consider the following list when making your own book bucket list:

25812109.jpg1. When asked to describe The Female of the Species in a word, senior Rylie Compton says, “empowering.”

In this novel by Mindy McGinnis, the reader steps into the journey of a teenage girl with a traumatic past including the  brutal rape and murder of her sister three years prior. She meets two boys Jack, an all star student, and Peekay, the preacher’s kid.

As their senior year unfolds the reader sees a protective side to Alex that most novels do not portray in a female lead. They will ultimately get obstacles thrown to them that will change their lives.

When asked why people should read it, Rylie says it is, “a necessary read because it is centered around a strong female lead without subjecting her to cliche teenage problems.” This book will be an exciting read for anyone and switch up from the stereotypical teen novel.

2. It would not be a book bucket list if it did not have one John Green novel. Most people view him as a typical young adult author and his books as overrated. This is not the case with his novel Turtles All the Way Down.


The story introduces a high school girl, Aza, dealing with anxiety and OCD accompanied with consuming, intrusive thoughts. She goes through her high school experiences dealing with love, loss, and much more with the relationships of her friends.

As English teacher Mrs. Turner describes it, her one word is “unsettling.” She writes in an unpublished review, “her story is for anyone dealing with love, empathy, or loss”.

Anyone and everyone should read this book not just because of the author but because in no way is this novel an average story. Green depicts Aza’s anxiety problems as almost “painful” as Mrs. Turner writes.

As young readers we all should view these problems even if they are unsettling at times, because that is what makes for a captivating novel.

3. Poetry is a genre most young readers do not touch. However when it comes to Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur every adolescent should turn the pages of the poetry book.


Kaur takes the reader on an emotional journey with the feelings of despair and anguish but also feelings of contentment and hopefulness. She writes about violence and abuse as well as the healing of the heart.

Most readers even if they have not experienced similar events can relate to the emotions and journey Kaur takes them on.

Even at your lowest point in your life Milk and Honey teaches you that you can come up from that lowest point and rise above. In addition the book is a shorter read and easy to make time for with the busiest of schedules.

4. Another recommended read is the novel Carry On by the infamous author Rainbow Rowell. Personally Rowell is one of my favorite young adult authors with her texts easy to comprehend and her stories intriguing, moving, and relatable.


Currently this is the novel I am reading and it compares to The Harry Potter Series  by J.K. Rowling but more modern with a love story twist.

The novel is an enticing read for anyone loving fantasy and magical worlds with dramatic turns everywhere.

It follows the story of Simon Snow who is a magician in the world of Mages, and is the fabled, most powerful magician in the prophecy.

Rowell uses differing first person point of views ranging from Simon himself, Penelope, Simon’s friend, to his girlfriend, Agatha, and even his supposed sworn enemy, Basil.

Truly this novel plays into the cliche of not being able to put a book down. With one event happening after the next this novel will be appreciated and engaging for any reader.

5.15745753.jpg Lastly, on the list to add to your book bucket list is the novel Eleanor and Park, which personally got me into reading and my love of books. I read this book in eighth grade and fell in love with the characters as well as the author, Rainbow Rowell and her style.

The story establishes two high schoolers living in Nebraska. Eleanor, a chubby girl defined by her curly red hair and Park, a half Korean boy. They meet on the bus and throughout the novel the readers see a relationship between the two form.

Along with your typical love story the characters experience events of abuse, body shaming, and bullying. Any young reader should take their time to read the novel, it is a staple novel that clicks with anyone.

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