Sierra Burgess is a Loser review



Adding to the collection of Netflix Original movies, the streaming service puts out another classic teen romance movie that has a modern spin. Released less than a week ago, Sierra Burgess is a Loser will quickly become the hyped up movie teen girls just can’t stop watching.

In this film, high school student Sierra Burgess exists as an outcast compared to everyone in her school. She gets a hard time about her looks and weight by everyone, but someone in particular just won’t stop: Veronica. The most popular girl in school feels superior to the whole school because of her looks, but they don’t get her very far.

One day when Veronica sat at a local diner with friends, a boy comes up, asking for her number. Quickly judging him based on the people he hangs out with, she gives him Sierra’s phone number. Immediately when he gets home, he texts the number unaware it is not Veronica. When Sierra gets the text, she naturally, texts him back and just like that, they create an instant connection. But he still doesn’t know the truth, that he is not talking to Veronica.

The movie delivers tons of cheesy, cringe-worthy moments like when Veronica and Jamey go on a date. She makes him close his eyes so Sierra can kiss him. It can also relate to high school students on a personal level by showing things teens nowadays go through at school everyday. But by the end of the movie, it will overall leave them with a good feeling.

You must see this new release if you are into cheesy teen high school movies or just need a funny movie to watch on nights in and even sleepovers with your friends.


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