Central CTE Goes To The Fair

credit: knoxvilledailysun.com

The smell of funnel cakes and chicken wings fills the air as the sound of creaking metal surrounds us. This place of childhood wonder and fatty foods is known as the Tennessee Valley Fair.

This year, Central High School entered a countywide CTE competition. Some of the projects include a diesel piston in its container, a car hood showing all of the steps of a dent repair, and a small engine project.

The small engine project is made of a lawnmower engine with a portion of the side cut out, allowing the piston to be seen. It also has a handle attached to it that turns the piston showing how it works in the engine.

Diesel Piston Project

The diesel piston project is a piston taken out of a diesel engine, with half of the sleeve cut open to show how smoothly a piston fits into an engine. Both of these projects took over thirty hours of work to complete.

Over the years, Mr. Hankins’ projects have racked up many awards including a couple first place ribbons. This year, Hankins brought home a first place ribbon for his hood project that his students had been working on since the beginning of the year.

However, this year marks the first time that Mr. Kelly, the maintenance and light repair teacher, has brought home ribbons. With the hard work of Max Dominguez and Myself, both the piston project and the small gas engine projects brought home first place.

If you love the fair, or just want to support your school, then come on out and see all of our hard work, and get some fried Oreo cookies while you’re there too.

Hankins’ First, First Prize Winning Project.
Max sawing off the Legs on a Chair for its Supports.











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