Central’s Talent Shines On

Stage lights bathe the auditorium in a yellowish glow.

Talent is natural; greatness, however, is earned through hard work. I foresee greatness in the future of many young lives, particularly those who performed at the Central’s Got Talent on Thursday night.

The show was a visual work of art, the lighting perfectly timed to the acts, showering the stage with a dazzling gleam. However, the real stars of the show were the performers themselves. There were dancers, singers, comedians, and even a speed artist! They all rooted themselves firmly to the stage, their self-confidence never wavering.

Indeed, there wasn’t a single case of bad nerves the whole night through, all of them taking the crowd by storm. Although they were all spectacular, as always there can only be one winner. Three were chosen from the 14 who performed, Jordan Pyle, Mikayla Maldonado, and Denzel Hendricks , who then went on to perform their acts at the Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday.

Jordan Pyle, performing in the auditorium on Thursday night.

There the student body chose, and they chose the ultimate winner to the contest, Denzel Hendricks, who stole the show with his beautiful rapping. His performance leaves a staple upon Central High School, proof that greatness can be achieved by anyone.

Dressed in mock-up prison-garb, Denzel performs at the Pep-Rally on Friday.

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