Fresh Advice: What to expect Freshman year


Freshmen Sarah Lawrence and Olivia Sharp pose for a picture in the Central breezeway.

Freshmen this year have many things they are expected to do. Since they are new to the school, they have a lot to learn, and are loaded on with more and more responsibilities as their first year at Central begins to progress.

Ms. Lawson, a freshman english teacher, has a lot of advice for her students this year. “It’s all about effort, not talent or accuracy.” Lawson stated when asked what she expects out of her new students this year.

Freshmen Trinity Jones and Baylee Mullins pose for a picture in the hallway at Central.

Lawson is going on her fifth year of teaching here at Central. She has taught all freshmen and sophomores during her years here. She enjoys teaching this age because, “I like to watch them grow and see the transition they go through coming from middle school.” Lawson states.

Due to all the responsibilities they gain when they get here, there are many things they can struggle with. Some things that can help with the struggles are:

  • Time management
  • Staying organized
  • Stay focused
  • Be involved
  • Don’t stress

High school flies by faster than most might expect. Just ask any recent graduate. As a result, students should get involved in as many things as they can. Some clubs and organizations to get involved in here at Central are:

  • Spanish club – Señora DaSilva, Señora Flemming
  • Key Club – Mrs. Morris, Ms. Higdon 
  • HOSA – Mr. Hammond
  • Coding Club – Mr. Fox


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