The Student Section at a Glance

The student section captured on the first game of the season against Tennessee High.

What is new or the same about Central High School’s student section? Seniors Kacie Grogan, Rylee Griffis and Bryson Boles share classic chants and memories.

Grogan says ,”Everyone will see that Central is the loudest and biggest student section that has ever been at Central or in Knox County.” Her favorite part about being a part of the student section is going down on the track and creating a tunnel for the football players and praying with their cheerleaders and dancers. It is also tradition for them to chant “I Believe That We Will Win,”  which happens to be her favorite.

She says her favorite part about the student section is that it’s awesome to see everyone from all grade levels can be included in something so fun. She also wants to let people know that “EVERYONE is welcome and don’t be afraid to be loud!”

Griffis says students should expect the section to support the football team and most importantly that they will make the games fun for everyone and to let the student body come together as one. “There is nothing like Friday night football and the rush I get from games and being in the student section.”

Griffis would like the student body to know that “We need as many people there to support our guys. We will also be at other sports too other than football.”

Students painted up for the first game of the season: Chase Walker, Gabe Reeves, Brady Ackerman, Jake Domermuth, Erik Richardson, Nathan Brumette, Cole Rheinecker, Trevor Holbert, Sam Griffin, and Gabe Vomfell.

Griffis shares her favorite moment of being a part of the student section, it was her sophomore year: both of the Fulton and Central games. She says “Our school was also very close that year, even though it was a very tough year everyone felt like a big family and that is one thing I love about Central. We stick together.”

Boles speaks highly of Coach Rosser and his football team when he , “they give all they have in each game.” He wants the student section to give back the same level of effort to the hard-working football team.

Boles shares his reasons for joining, “The student section gives off an energy and vibe that’s so hype.” I think that’s why I wanted to be apart of it.” Also, Coach Rosser would like Central High’s students to know “that we aren’t just a group of crazy teenagers. We are one big family.”

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