An Interview with Will Sullivan

Senior Will Sullivan

Quiet and intellectual, Will Sullivan may give off the impression of someone easy to overlook. Upon further examination, however, it’s strikingly clear that this Central student is anything but ordinary.


The high school Will attended in West Virginia.

Will is a senior at Central; however, last year he attended school in West Virginia, somewhere foreign to him as he’d spent his entire high school career at Central. He coped by, “taking things one day at a time.”

Will is a family man through and through; when his father lost his job Will became the “rock of the family.” This experience taught him the value of family, something integral to him as a person.

In the future, Will has plans of becoming a physician and possibly an entrepreneur. His main goal is to give back to his family, and provide support to those struggling.

As his high school career heads to an end, I can’t help but be excited for Will’s future. I can’t wait to see what he will contribute to the world.

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