Players remain confident after taking a loss in the battle against Alcoa

As a storm brews through Fountain City, the Lady Bobcats warm up to take on the state champions, Alcoa High School. Pushed back due to a lightning warning, the game is already living up to the hype.

After a grueling 15 minutes, the game finally kicks off. Even with Alcoa being the

Juniors, Kaitlynn Decker 26 runs alongside Kyleigh Haught 8 high-fiving Braelyn Bruce 6 at a home game against Bearden High School.

predicted win, Central is determined to start out strong.

Junior, Kyleigh Haught makes the first goal just minutes into the game, tying the score up. Air buzzing with electricity, the crowd becomes animated. Juniors Braelyn Bruce and Ashton Blair can be heard cheering from the sidelines.

Going into the second half, the game is still alive and close. Alcoa with 2 and Central with 1. Danny Makres, sister to senior Stevie Makres, makes a free kick 30 yards out, scoring the second point for the Lady Bobcats. Everyone is on their feet cheering.

Quickly falling behind, Alcoa scores 2 more goals in the second half.

Although the game was hard fought, it ended with the score 4-2. The Lady Bobcats still kept their heads held high, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Post game talk.

 After having held up against a great team, sophomore Haley Powers says, “Everyone played really well, even before the game we were trying to get into a strong mindset.” It seems to be what made the difference in the team. 




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