A Market in the Square

Falling leaves, apple scents, and football! Fall is coming in East Tennessee, get ready with a fun, affordable farmers market downtown!

The Market Square Farmers Market is open to everyone who is need of a quick escape.

IMG_0292 (1)
The center of the Market Square Farmers Market in Knoxville, Tennessee.

 Located in the heart of Knoxville, Market  Square, it is open Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm with free admission and parking. The market is filled with not only vibrant fruits and vegetables, but also multiple creative clothing pieces and furniture items that display the overall element of East Tennessee. Fun side activities are also available including games and contests, bringing the fun to all ages!


IMG_0294 (1)
A small portion of the variety of fresh, locally grown produce items for sale.

When asked about why high school students should go to the market, Central High School, sophomore, Victoria Hammer, had this to say, “It’s a good opportunity to learn about the culture around us, and it gives us a chance to see how life was without all the technology we’re constantly on.” She then went on to discuss her personal experience. She recalled on the fun events and colorful fruits and vegetables. 

The Market Square Farmers Market is also open Wednesdays from 11 am to 2 pm. Parking is also available averaging at a dollar a hour on the weekdays. Making it a perfect fall break option!





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