Class of 2019 making a difference with ‘Adopt A Teacher’

A new school year brings a dozen new faces to the halls of Central. As a result, CHS rolls out a fresh way to welcome teachers into the Bobcat family. Members of the senior class have each adopted a new teacher.

Senior principal Ms. Poulsen put together a friendly program of adopting a teacher not only to extend welcome to the new staff members,  but to instill leadership skills in her seniors.

Seniors were given a chance to step up and make a welcoming introduction to a new teacher and form a new bond. Students show these new teachers around campus and even bring them a coffee from time to time. Though, this idea isn’t entirely new, “I’ve done this at other schools before, but this is the first time I’ve done it here at Central,” Poulsen explains.

August Rios meeting her adopted teacher, Ms. Webb for the first time. 

“I wanted our seniors to graduate with leadership skills and to offer a warm welcome to the new members of our family.”

The program started Monday, August 20th, and after speaking to some of the seniors and the new teachers, Mrs. Poulsen’s system was successful as the seniors really stepped up, making sure the new family members feel both welcome and comfortable within the walls of our home.

“We’re a family here.”

Good job, Central.




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